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Changes to the Game

Updated: May 8, 2020

There is something to be said about always having to re-invent yourself. No one enjoys change more than I do. I realize that is generally out of most people’s range of comfort. But I have to say, I embrace it. Just ask Barry. I know I drive him nuts with my constant ideas of what is or could come next in life. So with that said, I don’t mind this “new normal” too much. I like the idea of having to come up with an alternate route to survive a global pandemic. I guess I just like a challenge!

“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!” And that is just what we aim to do with our business. Now you must understand that we have been going through complete change before this. We disbanded our previous business; Nick’s Warehouse in Mid-May and spent the next six months rehabbing our new building. And in between we produced and delivered a large arts and antiques festival in June. So our business had really just re-opened and gotten off the ground just before the Covid-19 pandemic took over.

However, we are looking at this in the best light and have decided to embrace the online services part of the business plan that had gotten overlooked in all the hard work it took to get that building up to par. Since the shutdown of the retail world, I have become quite savvy at posting items for sale through various avenues. Now we will take that to the next level with an improved version of the website and a new type of buying experience for our customers.

With the help of my trusty sidekick, Katrina, you will be able to watch us weekly, highlighting items to purchase through Facebook Live! Events and visit us 24/7 on our website to shop whenever you want. We can ship your purchases to you or if you live within a reasonable distance we can deliver to you. We will be open by appointment to allow for pick-up of those goodies. Or if you want to have a personal shopping experience with us in the store that can be scheduled as well. Simply contact us through this site or message us on Facebook for more details.

Sadly, we were forced to cancel our Gateway to the Thumb Arts & Antiques Festival for 2020. As time goes on we will roll with the changes that are presented to us and like a cat, land on our feet. Or at least that is what we will aim for.

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